Together with our core European & American partners we are proud to deliver the highest of quality products & solutions to the Food & Beverage Industry and strive to deliver the best possible service to match.


Food Processing Software:

Emydex software is designed to manage Food production processes from door to door, from Procurement, to reception of animals at Lairage, through Kill Line and payments, Carcass Management, Boning, Cutting and Further processing, Weigh-labelling, Packing, box stock, sales order picking and dispatch. Our software is different from other suppliers, as it integrates with any compatible hardware system.


Weighing Equipment:

Our range of weighing equipment includes numerous scales and weighing systems, which handle a number of different jobs, e.g. portion weighing, checkweighing, grading, dosing, yield control, item counting and many other jobs.

Compact Sizer

Scanvaegt Label Applicators_UK3

Labelling Equipment:

Our product range covers a wide field, enabling us to design flexible solutions, customized specifically to your production. Using a Scanvaegt-solution you can apply labels on retail products, boxes as well as pallets and at the same time you'll be able to create smoother production flows and achieve higher efficiency.

SVA270 Pallet Label Applicator


Multihead Weighers:

By completely rethinking the way we handle your product, from the product infeed over the centre cone and into the individual hoppers we have accomplished nothing less than a performance leap with the new Revolution Series Multihead Weighers. Our unique vibrator technology can be set to move any product carefully and efficiently, including difficult products such as wet, sticky/greasy and fragile foodstuffs.



Freezing & Cooking Systems:

As a recognized Global specialist of IQF freezing, Cooking and all other tempering applications, Dantech develops, manufacture and supplies standard & CUSTOMIZED High-end Solutions to fit your space requirements.



Further Processing:

Nothum’s predusters, batter/tempura, breaders, frying, and marking/searing systems are guaranteed the best return on investment in the food processing industry. Their technologies have been proven to reduce line space by eliminating unneeded equipment, improving accuracy through automated quality control, and reducing the amount of labor needed. We have successfully been able to achieve this through our distinct uniframe design.



Inspection Systems:

The safety of food is important; many food scandals over the years have made the focus for safe food even bigger. Add to that many recalls of products and it can become a costly affair for a food processer. All this has put more and more focus on food safety – It's all about protecting the consumer and protecting your brand.


Tempering - Frozen Vegetables 01

Industrial Microwave Ovens:

Being world leaders in Industrial Microwave Systems, AMTek Industrial Microwaves have designed, manufactured, and supported hundreds of industrial microwave systems over the past two decades. Their specialized team with more than 75 years of combined experience develop microwave equipment for the food industry for cooking and tempering a wide variety of products which offer many benefits to your operation to improve the quality of your product and maximize yields by minimizing drip loss.

Cooking - Bacon 02

SS Motors2

Hygeinic Waterproof Bearings, Motors & Gearboxes:

For many years BJ-Gear/NG-Teknik have enjoyed a close and good cooperation with suppliers of equipment and machinery for the Food Industry, where high degree of hygiene and cleanability are key requirements. BJ-Gear A/S meets these requirements with their standard range of hygienic waterproof bearings & actuators, gearboxes, spindle gearboxes and geared motors in stainless steel, ideal for mounting directly in the process areas without a protective stainless steel shield which eliminates a source of hidden bacterial growth.


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