Experience speaks for itself when it comes to Dantech's Freezing & Cooking Systems. For more than 30 years, Dantech have developed, manufactured and delivered high-quality solutions for the Food Processing Industry. They have been involved in more than 2,500 installations of systems and have successfully introduced more than 1500 freezers to the market, thus they are considered an experienced and reliable partner of the Food Industry worldwide. With the „freezing experience” design, they produce and provide the best possible CUSTOMIZED solution for your individual applications. Together we deliver only the highest of quality equipment for your processing needs.


IQF Spiral Freezers:

Our Spiral Freezer utilizes the well proven and energy saving principal of horizontal airflow. With higher air speed the product is evenly exposed on every level and frozen within a minimal time. As a result, the product quality is preserved which ensures that even delicate products such as mussels or shrimp can be optimally processed.

Dantech's freezer is designed to process products with the same efficiency for several days without having to defrost in between. In addition to a not to be underestimated increase in production flexibility, you also gain a cost advantage with regard to cleaning personnel, cleaning supplies as well as waste water and energy costs. Keep in mind that every defrost of the refrigeration unit requires full electrical power. For this reason we refrain from a sequential defrost.


Dantech - Ultraflow Max

Tunnel Freezer Ultraflow:

The Impingement Tunnel Freezer „Ultraflow Max®“ is the ideal solution for freezing products directly on the belt for example Shrimp, Burger Patties, Nuggets, etc. as well as freezing bulk products for example Shrimp in Trays. Crust Freezing/Hardening of products prior to portion cutting - or slicing is also one of the applications of the Ultraflow Tunnel Freezers. Depending on the application, the „Ultraflow®“ is available in a Single or Twin belt version.

Due to the impingement technology, the airflow around the product is at a very high velocity, resulting in a rapid heat transfer. Hence reducing the freezing/retention time significantly which results in lowering your running costs. Not only will your ongoing freezing costs be reduced in terms of energy consumption (electricity costs) but your yield will also increase, depending on the application.

Dantech - Ultraflow Max1


Tunnel Freezer D-Freeze Compact:

The tunnel freezer “D-Freeze Compact®” is specifically designed for the quick freezing of meat product surfaces – for example pork loin, topside or tenderloin before the portioning process. By quick freezing these products, a better cut quality is achieved and more constant weights. This reduces the give-away and increases yield.

The “D-Freeze Compact®” requires minimal space and can freeze 3.5m x 3m of up to 1,500 kg /h of product with a 3-5mm frost layer. Furthermore, loading and discharge are done on the same side, whereby one employee can operate the freezer as well as the downstream connected portioning machine. Thus at this point “D-Freeze Compact®” saves one employee position compared with conventional tunnel freezers and can therefore place added- value in another part of the factory.

The “D-Freeze Compact®” finds its application for the classic products in the meat and poultry sector which must be quickly frozen in order to be portioned afterwards. These products include among others pork loin, pork topside, rump, pork belly with and without bones, turkey breast, chicken breast etc..


Dantech - Spiral Pasteurizer3

Spiral Pasteurizer:

The Dantech Spiral Steam Cooker/Pasteurizer works with a proven and energy-saving technology. With a low Vapor pressure, Steam is sprayed into the interior through numerous central points with separate valves which enables optimal usage of steam.

A 360º stainless steel ring acts as a distributor, injecting steam over and around the spiral belt. This flow gives the product a precise, homogenous and high yield cooking. Furthermore, the steam is also circulated through the fans positioned on the ceiling of the spiral. This design leads to a rapid heating of products as well as a very low steam consumption.

Dantech - Spiral Pasteurizer

Dantech - Maxi Cook Shrimp

Maxi-Cook In-Line Steam Cooker:

The Dantech Maxi-Cook In-line Steam Cooker is designed for precise, quick, homogeneous and high yield cooking. Together with it's electronic temperature control, belt speed, pressure hood and individual temperature controlled cooking zones it ensures the cooking yield is kept at the highest possible levels.

The Dantech Maxi-cook In-line Steam Cooker is capable of cooking a great variety of products such as Shrimp, Fish, Tuna, Mussels, Vegetables, Surimi, Chicken and many more products.


Dantech - Spiral Steam Cooker

Spiral Oven - Steam Cooker - Defroster:

SPIRAL OVEN: In short, the Spiral Oven is a very long conveyor belt, put in a round shape, around a rotating drum to save floor space and consume less energy per kilogram of product cooked compared to many alternative cooking methods on the market today. The Spiral Oven offers ultimate control over the temperature parameters of the machine, ensuring high product quality and safety. The Oven is also equipped with a fully hoistable stainless steel hood making the spiral easy to maintain and keep clean. Dantech's Spiral Ovens also come in a custom designed single or double drum version, with the option of two separate chambers and temperature zones with different air speeds.

SPIRAL STEAM COOKER: The Spiral Steam Cooker is specially designed for precise, quick, homogeneous and high yield cooking. It is capable of cooking a great variety of products such as Shrimp, Fish, Tuna, Mussels, Vegetables, Surimi, Chicken and many more products. The unit also comes with a Fully Welded Stainless Steel cabinetand that is fully hoistable for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

SPIRAL DEFROSTER: The ultra space saving Spiral Defroster is specially designed for conditioning of loins, bone-in loins, bacon blocks, tuna loins, fish blocks, chicken blocks and many other frozen products prior to i.e. portion cutting, bacon slicing, trimming etc.. This patented design/process gives the advantage that NO product weight loss takes place during the conditioning process and thus products will have no free water hence no risk of bacteria growth. The principle of the airflow ensures that the product receives a uniform process within a minimum of time thus making certain a good quality finished product. The unit operates on a very low power consumption which reduces the production cost/kg dramatically.

Dantech - Spiral Oven2

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