The Scanvaegt industrial computers, scale indicators and weighing instruments form part of our intelligent range of data display & capture equipment for the ultimate end-user experience, combining hardware and software seamlessly.


Scanvaegt PT9000 Industrial Computer:

Powerful and versatile industrial computer - Scanvaegt's PT9000 process terminal is a powerful and flexible 17" industrial computer with a touch interface for on-site order procesing and data-capture.

The PT9000 is as standard supplied with Windows 7 Embedded and can handle numerous jobs, e.g. production control, order processing, despatch, data capture and monitoring.

With a strong processor and several input/output types, LAN, USB, RS232 as well as digital I/O, the PT9000 makes up an efficient and flexible process terminal.

The terminal is designed specifically for industrial use - it has a IP65-waterproof stainless steel cabinet and can withstand use in all industrial environments and thorough cleaning.


Scanvaegt Industrial Scales & Indicators

Scanvaegt SV10 Standard Weighing Indicator:

Fast, flexible and sturdy weight indicator - The Scanvaegt SV10 weight indicator is designed with focus on user-friendliness. Extensive processing power, fast stabilization software, triple-weighing-range and numerous programming possibilities makes the SV10 a fast, reliable, and flexible weight indicator, which can be connected to all Scanvaegt bench, floor and pallet scales.

The weight indicator handles various weighing and packing jobs, e.g. check weighing, portioning to exact target weight and +/-weighing.

The SV10 has web interface, making it easy online - from a central office - to set-up e.g. communication interfaces, product data, registration criteria and digital in-/output functions on all weight indicators in the company.


SV10 Alibi Web

Scanvaegt SV10 Alibi Weighing Indicator:

Secure Alibi registration - Scanvaegt's SV10 Alibi is a fast, reliable and flexible weight indicator that weighs, records and stores up to 10 million alibi-numbers.

Extensive processing power, “Triple Range” weighing range and several programming options make SV10 Alibi a fast, reliable and flexible weight indicator that can be connected to all Scanvaegt bench, floor and pallet scales.

During the weighing process, the SV10 weight indicator registers the unique alibi-number for the box and stores it on an internal SD card. The system has a large capacity and can store up to 10 million registrations. In case of any subsequent documentation requirements, the records can be looked up directly on the display or via the web interface.

The records are stored permanently on the indicator but can also be transferred via the secure SVA3 protocol for label printing or the administrative IT-system from which the alibi-number can be looked up using the serial no. of the box.

SV10 Alibi 3

SV11 Box Weighing

Scanvaegt SV11 Automatic Weighing Indicator:

Automatic weighing and alibi registration - Scanvaegt's SV11 is a robust and efficient weight indicator for automatic weighing of boxes and registration of the related alibi-numbers.

Quick weight registration - The indicator’s stabilization software makes weight registration extremely quick, carried out within approx. 0.5 seconds and very stable even where there are vibrations from other equipment that would normally make weight registration unstable.

The indicator, which is designed with focus on user-friendliness, features extensive processing power and flexible programming options. It is approved for weighing of automatic static scale, e.g. a start-stop scale, and is typically used for checkweighing of boxes and cartons.


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