For many years BJ-Gear/NG-Teknik have enjoyed a close and good cooperation with suppliers of equipment and machinery for the Food Industry, where high degree of hygiene and cleanability are key requirements. BJ-Gear A/S meets these requirements with their standard range of hygienic waterproof bearings & actuators, gearboxes, spindle gearboxes and geared motors in stainless steel, ideal for mounting directly in the process areas without a protective stainless steel shield which eliminates a source of hidden bacterial growth.


Hygeinic Waterproof Bearings:

NG Flange Bearing Units are designed for the food industry and other industries continuously making heavier demands on the material resistance and a design easy-to-clean. In order to reduce the risk of bacteria growth, this design is characterised by smooth surfaces and rounded corners.

The protection of IP66/67 ensures that the products can be cleaned with for instance water under pressure from all directions. An oil seal ring with a stainless steel spring ensures that water cannot penetrate the housing. The bearings are maintenance free and resistant to all cleaning products and most chemicals.

Measurements are similar to market standards.

The flange housing is heat resistant from -30 to +100°C.

The flange housing is fitted with a replaceable stainless spherical NG lifetime lubricated ball bearing with eccentric locking collar and is self-aligning.

Insert bearings are lubricated with NSF H1 registered grease that meets requirements like DIN 51825, Halal, Kosher etc., the flange bearings are FDA and EU Food Grade approved according to the framework of regulation 21 CFR 175.300 and (EC) No.1935/2004, they are also USDA accepted and meets NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1-2010 standard.



Stainless Steel Bearings:

The stainless steel bearing units are very suitable for the food industry and other demanding environ- ments, due to the hygienic design and minimum of maintenance. The mini stainless steel bearings are extra narrow bearings in hygienic design.

Stainless steel housings AISI 304 with Stainless steel bearings AISI 440C and Stainless steel grease nipples AISI 440C.

Operating temperature from -20° to +120°C.


BJ Gear - SS Levelling Feet

Stainless Steel Gearboxes, Motors & Accesories:

BJ-Gear A/S manufactures a wide range of stainless steel gearboxes, actuators and worm gear screw jacks. The stainless steel products are developed specifically for the food industry and industries where the requirements for material resistance and an easy-to-clean design are continuously stringent. The gearboxes are life lubricated and can be supplied with lubricants approved for the food industry. The products of stainless steel can be customised according to your needs.

The stainless steel AC motors are of acid-resistant steel and in protection classes from IP66 to IP69K. They are available as TENV (Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated) up to effects of 0.75 kW or as TEFV (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled). The motors are equipped with thermistors as standard. The completely smooth surface makes them ideal for use within the food industry or where an easy-to-clean design is important.

BJ-Gear A/S cooperates with competent manufacturers to be able to deliver AC, DC, servo, air or hydraulic motors for complete gear drive solutions and stock standard AC motors for immediate dispatching. The motors meet the efficiency requirements in accordance with the EU directive. Motors can be supplied in either standard versions or customised to your specifications.

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