Designed for the extremes of the food industry. The robust range of Graders & Batchers have been designed to incorporate a well-tested modular design to easily adapt to your individual needs.


Scanvaegt SC520 Process Weigher:

Optimal durability - The SC520 Process Weigher is made of high-quality components, which makes it extremely strong and durable. Combining a hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell with our industry proven solid parallelogram overload protection and anti-shock system we protect the load cell to prevent costly breakdowns and to ensure maximum uptime.

Fast, stable and accurate - With weighing speeds of up to 300 items per minute, from 30 g to 6 kg and with 600g/0.2g, 1,500g/0.5g, 3,000g/1g or 6,000g/2.0g accuracies, the SC520 Process Weigher ensures extremely high accuracy and through-put. The design of the weighing machine, featuring slack-belt and Capstan-drive, provides fast and more stable weighing compared to conventional weighers even in the harshest production conditions, while ensuring fast & accurate weighing results.

This fully automatic system which can be intergrated into existing lines, weighs and controls all products using sharp precision & high-speed and can be used for weight grading, batching to minimum weight and for controlling the filling processes with feed-forward and feed-backward.

User-friendly operator interface - The SC520 features a large 15” touch screen with intuitive menus guiding the operator through asking sequences using simple commands and ensuring quick, easy and error-free operation. The simple navigation structure, clear graphics and easy product setup reduce the time required at product shifts.

Open, easy-to-clean design - The SC520 Process Weigher features an open design with sloping lines & surfaces and round pipe profiles. This makes it easy to clean the machine thoroughly and prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

SC520 2

Compact Sizer 2

Scanvaegt SC500 Compact Sizer:

Automatic grading of products weighing from 20 g to 3 kg - The SC500 Compact Sizer efficiently solves weight sorting jobs at speeds of up to 120 items per min. and ensures maximum utilization of raw materials. A robust design and a user-friendly operator interface makes the sizer a powerful solution for providing accurate product weight and reducing your give-away.

The Compact Sizer can handle products weighing from 20 g to 3 kg and grade them in up to eight weight groups according to the weight of the single product. Grading is done quickly and gently, as the products are lead from the conveyor into the collecting bins using the catcharm or flipper arm.

Batching to minimum weight - The SC500 Compact Sizer can also be used for minimum batching jobs in which the products are sorted into a predefined total portion weight, e.g. 5 kg The system continuously accumulates the products’ individual weight and calculates into which portion and into which collection bin the individual product must be sorted. This ensures that the portion always reaches the minimum weight and thus meets all requirements.

Compact and flexible design - The SC500 Compact Sizer has a robust, well-tested modular design that can be adapted to the individual job and the specific local conditions. The compact design in stainless steel and the simple height adjustment of the conveyor section also makes it easy to fit the machine into existing production lines.

User-friendly operation - The large 15” touch screen with logical menu guides the operator through query sequences with simple commands and ensures quick, easy and error-free operation. The simple navigation structure, clear graphics and easy product setup reduces the time required for product change.

Compact Sizer

Scanvaegt MPe 3

Scanvaegt MPe System:

Manual packing and e-weighing - Scanvaegt MPe is a simple yet efficient system for weighing tasks such as manual packing to target weight and checkweighing (e-weighing), where it ensures minimum give-away and maximum overview.

The system, which consists of a SV10C weight indicator, SV1200 bench scale and the PlusFlex PM software module, handles weighing to target weight or according to the e-weighing directives, registration of weight data and capture of production data and generation of full e-weighing documentation of up to 99 or packing or weighing stations. The MPe system is flexible and can be used for various applications, such as in packing facilities running small production batches, as a stand-alone station or manual checkweigher in combination with automatic checkweighers.

Manual packing to target weight - Using the MPe system for manual packing jobs makes it possible to ensure that all packs are within the accepted tolerance limits, quite close to the ideal target weight thus keeping give-aways to an absolute minimum and enabling optimal utilization of the raw materials. The weighing system is connected to the PlusFlex PM, installed on a central PC. From here it is possible to download product data to the weighing system and generate packing reports and statistics. In PlusFlex PM it is also possible to monitor production data online.

Manual e-weighing - The MPe system also represents an efficient solution for manual e-weighing control of packed products. The system summarises the weight and number of packs in the batch in a production run and checks whether they comply with e-weighing requirements for weight tolerances and mean value. If the pack weight is below the e-weighing tolerances, a red LED on the weight indicator turns on, allowing operators to reject the packs that might otherwise result in rejection of the entire batch in a random check.

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