Scanvaegt's floor and pallet scales are hygienic, accurate, reliable and userfriendly. The wide range of scales include floor scales for installation into a pit, for free placement on the floor and mobile floor scales.

SV3100 Pallet Scale 1

Scanvaegt SV3100 Series Pallet Scale:

Flexible, portable pallet scale - Pallet scale 3100 represents a compact solution for weighing pallets - it only takes up very little space and is therefore easy to place and move.

The pallet scales can be used for ordinary weighing of pallets and for jobs, which requires data-capture and print-out of pallets labels.

It can also be equipped with a conveyor and built-into a despatch line and it can be equipped with wheels at one end for easy manoeuvring by one person.

The pallet scale is available in galvanized and stainless steel with weighing capacities of 150, 300, 600, 1,000, 1,500 or 3,000 kg. L x W: 1330 x 840 mm

SV3100 Pallet Scale 3

SV3200 Vemag Scale 3

Scanvaegt SV3200 Series Vemag Scale:

"Drive-through" scales for vemag wagons - The Scanvaegt SV3200 is a sturdy floor scale for weighing vemag wagons or similar wagons.

The scale has a very low profile of only 45 mm and is equipped with access and descent ramps for easy handling of the wagons.

The construction in stainless steel with 4 membrane-sealed load cells is very solid and withstands thorough cleaning.

The scale is available in coated or stainless steel in the following dimensions: 850 x 850 x 45 mm or 1000 x 1000 x 45 mm. Weighing capacity: 300 kg/100 g or 600 kg/200 g.

SV3200 Vemag Scale 2

SV3200 Vemag Scale 1

Scanvaegt SV3220 Series Vemag Scale:

Compact, userfriendly vemag scale - The Scanvaegt SV3220 vemag scales provide a compact, easy way of weighing products in a wagon.

These compact scales take up very little space and are built extra low (35 mm). This makes it easy to push even a heavy wagon onto the scales using a small access ramp.

The vemag scales can be equipped with any Scanvaegt weighing indicator.

The scale is available in coated or stainless steel in the following dimensions: 685 x 685 x 35 mm. Weighing capacity: 300 kg/100 g or 600 kg/200 g.

SV3220 Vemag Scale 1

SV3800 Pallet Scale

Scanvaegt SV3800 Series Pallet Scale:

Robust floor scale with optional overload/shock protection for all weighing jobs - The Scanvaegt SV3800 series of floor scales is designed to handle most weighing jobs in both dry and wet production areas.

These floor scales are made of stainless steel and can handle capacities of up to 3,000 kg. The scales have the standard dimension 1,500x1,250 mm, but are also available in other dimensions upon request.

The SV3800 floor scale is available with a with a split-load plate, equipped with a gas spring and can be opened by just one person. This option facilitates cleaning, inspection and repairs to minimise downtime and maximise product quality..

Overload protection is available for scales that are installed in a pit to absorbs sudden rough shock overloads. Additionally access ramps are available for floor scales that are not installed in a pit.


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