Due to the unique design, sturdy construction & Danish manufacturing quality, the Scanvaegt industrial scales are precise and the most reliable scales on the market when using their overload protection.


Scanvaegt SV1200 Series Bench Scales: (Approved for Trade Use)

Bench scale for wet and dry environments - Scanvaegt's industrial bench scales in stainless steel are specially designed for use in the Food & Beverage industry and are built to withstand rough treatment, intense washing down, steam, hot water, most chemical foaming agents and high levels of humidity. This makes it possible to minimise or altogether avoid load cell damage or breakage due to the cleaning process.

The bench scales have a unique overload protection and anti-shock system, which protects the load cell and thus ensures a high degree of accuracy, reliability and durability.

A sturdy and easy to clean design of the highest Danish industrial standards makes the new 1200 Series bench scales the most superior weighing solution in the food industry today.

Scanvaegt's SV1200 platforms are available in 3 sizes and with weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg/1 g to 150 kg/50 g.

Series SV1205 - Dimensions: 250 x 300 mm Weighing capacities: 3 kg/1 g or 6 kg/2 g

Series SV1210 - Dimensions: 300 x 400 mm Weighing capacities: 15 kg/5 g or 30 kg/10 g

Series 1230 - Dimensions: 500 x 600 mm Weighing capacities: 30 kg/10 g, 60 kg/20 g or 150 kg/50 g


Accessories - Roller Conveyor

Scanvaegt SV1200 Series Accessories:

Ultimate quality & versatility - Scanvaegt has custom designed accessories to precisely fit their bench scales for ease of use, optimal accuracy and maximum throughput.

Accessories - Conveyor

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